Understanding Search Engines and Optimization

Search Engine and Optimization

What is SEO? SEO stands for "search engine optimization." If you have the same answer, then you must read this article  till the end because in this article, I am going to say Hello everyone! I am Talha. Welcome to MTS Marketing Blog. We are going to talk about SEO. You are going for an interview or you will train someone, or you will work anywhere, and you tell a client that I want to SEO your website, then for that, you should know

What is search engine and optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a Digital Marketing technique which helps you to bring your website on topic in Search engine result SERPs It is made up of two words. First is 'Search Engine' & second is 'Optimization'.

What is a Search Engine?

It is a software system that has been created to search for information or 0:01:09.340, to find information from the World Wide Web, i.e., the Internet. Because you know that thousands of websites or millions of TB of data are stored here. A system has been created to find that data. So it is a software system that is designed in such a way that it can search the database of information according to the query of the user. That means whenever a person types a related keyword or for a related query in the search engine,then it can be the related information from the world wide web, the network that has so much information on the net and can give it to the user.

What is  optimization?  

Now let's talk about optimization. Optimization means using  commodities  impeccably. So what it means to say is that we do the stylish optimization of the search engine. i.e., Use this to your advantage in a better way. Now  suppose about how you can use this to optimize our website.However,  also I can make sure that any person types anything related to my business, product, If I've a website or a business. So this is the stylish use of this in optimization that we do in SEO.

The coming question is,  

Do we optimize Search Engines?    

It is a software system which has been made after a lot of  trouble and is a  veritably secure network. I took Google's algorithm. 

Can you tamper with Google's backend?  

Can you take your website to the top by changing its algorithm or rendering?No.However,  also you can not optimize the SERPs, If I say in simple language. You optimize your website for a better way so that you can get the stylish out of the SERPs

For example, 

I have a designer showroom. I make designer dresses. This is my business. And I want that whenever someone searches for designer dresses in Delhi, then my website should be visible at the top. So that is what we've to do is to optimize our website in such a better way that they appear in the top rank on SERPs, which will boost my business, increase my conversion rate and eventually make my business grow.

Importance of Search Engine

Have you ever thought that if you didn't have Google in your life, how would your life be? 

So see, if I want to find out the price of a Ferrari now, also I'll simply write on Google that the price of a Ferrari and I'll see a lot of options and whatever my query is, I'll see affiliated information. But if there was no SERPs,

Do you know which website the price of a Ferrari is written on?

So what you have to do in this case is that whatever website you want to search, its URL and the meaning of the URL is that you have to type the correct URL in your web browser. So we will search the price of a Ferrari ( MSRP estimated  $400,000) directly and we will get the information. So if there was no in your life, then you would have to remember the URL of each website. Like we used to remember phone number in the first time, so you would have to flash back each URL and you would have to remember which information is on which website. And I suppose that would have been a veritably delicate task. So you can understand how easy this has made our lives.

Other search Engine

In India

Now let's discuss whether Google is a search engine. So it is not like that, there are many others from which you know Google. Apart from that, the top 3, then Google is at number 1, then Yahoo and Bing. So these 3 softwares come in our top 3 if I talk about worldwide or if I talk about users in India.

In China and Russia

But there are others besides this, like I talk about Baidu, so Baidu is veritably popular in China. roughly 85 of the request share of China is covered by Baidu. And if I talk about Yandex, also Yandex is veritably popular in Russia. 50 of the people use Google and 50 use Yandex. 


Apart from that, those who have privacy issues, because you know that Google stores our data somewhere. So there's such a search engine in which the name is DuckDuckGo. I know the name is a little funny, but it's used by those people who are concerned about sequestration. Because of DuckDuckGo it doesn't save your data. So it's perfect for people who are concerned about sequestration. So I told you about some hunt machines and I also told you what it is. So ultimately if we say, then this has made our life very better and comfortable.

And all these things we are going to learn in this course, the course of which you are watching the first video. This is our complete SEO course. You will get this course on this website MTS Marketing.


Can I submit my website to a search engine? 

Yes, you can submit your website for indexing on the search engine console . It offers submission forms where you can give your website's URL. Still, submitting your website does not guarantee immediate or prominent addition in search results. It took some time, a few hours or a few days.

How does a search engine rank search results? 

It uses complex ranking algorithms that consider factors like keyword applicability, high quality content, backlinks, user engagement, and website authority etc. These algorithms update over time to give users with the most applicable and secure results.

How do I change my default search engine in my web browser? 

Almost all web browsers allow you to change the default in their settings. You can generally pierce this option through the web browser settings or preferences menu. Choose your preferred this from the list of options provided.

Can I use a search engine to find information on the deep web or dark web? 

It like Google primarily indicator content from the face web, which is intimately accessible. The deep web and dark web, which have no-indexed or encrypted content, aren't fluently accessible through conventional and bare technical tools and networks to pierce.

Can I trust the information I find through search engines? 

While it strives to give dependable information, it's essential to critically estimate the sources and information you find. corroborate information from estimable and trusted websites before considering it accurate and dependable.

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